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Dr. Hemant Patel places full and partial dentures at Hidden Valley Dental Group; he also helps his patients with dentures care for and adjust their appliances over time (as maintenance is required on occasion).
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Dentures are ideal for those seeking affordable ways to replace missing teeth.

Dentures, commonly known as false teeth, are prosthetics that replace missing teeth. If you have lost or are losing all of your natural teeth, complete dentures can be the best method in replacing those teeth as dentures use your own gums or implants for support. Typically, denture candidates require either complete or partial dentures. Complete dentures cover the patient’s entire arch, while partial dentures replace any missing teeth.

At Hidden Valley Dental Group, We offer several affordable dentures options, including traditional dentures, fixed-in dental implant supported dentures, or snap-in dentures. Dr. Patel ensures that regardless of your situation that we find the best fitting denture for your needs.

Denture Options

Traditional Dentures

A traditional denture is a prosthesis that serves as false teeth, helping to replace missing teeth. Traditional dentures can be partial or complete, pending your needs. Traditional dentures are removable, meaning you can take them out every night or at your leisure. We extract any missing or broken down teeth and provide the patient with a denture that looks and feels great. These are the most familiar type denture for patients, and is great for those who are looking for an affordable dentures solution.

Snap-in Denture

Snap-in dentures are great because they literally snap into fixed dental implants. They have the option of being removable, but are secure enough where you hardly notice that they can be taken out. Unlike regular dentures, they provide better stability and retention, and won’t fall out on their own.

Fixed-in Dental Implant Supported Dentures

Fixed-in dental implant supported dentures are not removable whatsoever, unlike traditional or snap-in dentures. These provide the closest fit to natural teeth of any denture on the market. With fixed-in dental implant supported dentures, patients need not worry about their denture ever slipping or ill-fitting — these are designed specifically to mimic real teeth and are not removable.
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